Defund the Humboldt Forum!

Opening of the decolonial action space Spreeufer.

There must be no ‘business as usual’ for the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace! To this end, we have opened an action space in its immediate vicinity in the Nikolaiviertel under the name of Spreeufer, directly at Spreeufer 6. From here we hurl a decisive and powerful “No way!” in the direction of cultural-imperial megalomania. Positioned on the opposite side of the shore, we will bring our protest into the public arena through information, discussion, exhibitions, decolonial tours, and further actions.

The Humboldt Forum must not be permitted to turn a blind eye to the massive criticisms that have plagued it since the very beginning. We will join forces until the Prussian palace has been dismantled, brick by brick, once again: Tear it Down! On the occasion of the Humboldt Forum’s public opening, we call for the defunding of this money-devouring monster and for the flow of funds to be meaningfully redirected toward decolonial initiatives.

Spreeufer is a merging of two initiatives and a part of Decolonize Berlin:

– The Coalition of Cultural Workers against the Humboldt Forum (CCWAH), is an initiative made up of international cultural workers who have previously brought their protests into the city via a number of actions., by contrast, is a purely virtual space that emerged from the Decolonize Alliance’s Museums and Collections Working Group and which took up residence at the “empty” Schlossplatz at the end of 2020. Its aim is to counter this regressive, large-scale, national undertaking with a decolonial, activist-artistic platform.